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I have always wanted to do a cleanse, just as a way to restore my body and test my brain.  After some digging, I chose SF based CANCAN Cleanse (surprise surprise).  I liked CANCAN because they used seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients.  So a fall cleanse won't be the same offering as a Spring cleanse.  Their cleanse was also geared very well; from my lemon cayenne water first thing in the morning, to my savory/hearty vegetable root soup for lunch, and finished with a nut based milk in the evening.  Of course, there were plenty of very dark green juices in between.

My 4 takeaways during my 3day cleanse:

Adrenal Glands

Kickstart your adrenal glands!  Adrenal glands are responsible for regulating hormone production.  However, things like alcohol, sugar, refined food, and caffeine can inhibit these glands.  So after cutting out all the above from your diet, your adrenal glands can function properly and emit the correct amount of hormones back to the body.  Once complete you will definitely have an afterglow going on.

Mental Challenge

A cleanse is a true test of willpower.  You ARE getting enough calories to survive, yet you do FEEL deprived initially.  So you learn how to deal with stress and the mental gymnastics of not chewing.  At the end you understand the difference between appetite and hunger.  Don't get me wrong, during the cleanse it was a struggle!  Sometimes during the day I felt great, other times I felt dizzy and drained.  But it was all worth it!

Mindful Eating

Once the cleanse is done, the idea is to slowly reintroduce nutrient dense foods back into your diet.  I have always loved food, but now I appreciate it more and take my time with it.  This helps me avoid over eating.  Since it is so good to eat real food again, I don't crave ice cream or sweats after my meals.


You are supposed to drink a lot of water on a daily basis, and this does not change during your cleanse. Along with juice, an abundance of water helps rid your body of toxins.  Toxins are accumulated through the environment, food, and digestible byproduct.  I drank a lot during my cleanse and had the clearest pee of my life.  Weather you are cleansing or not, try to drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces!