Once upon a time I heard about a service called Blue Apron.  It was a great idea....  3 recipes were sent to me every week, complete with portioned out ingredients ready for me to master chef my way to a quick and healthy meal.  However, the ingredients weren't fresh, I didn't recognize where they came from.  The packaging was also excessive and unethical.  I was left with a huge box and insulation every week that I didn't know what to do with. All the ingredients were packaged in plastic that I couldn't reuse and had to throw away.  It caused more waste than good in my eyes, so I canceled the program. 

Last week I heard about Sun Basket from a friend.  Sun Basket is Blue Apron meets Whole Foods.  Chef Tyler Florence is one of my favorite chefs and co-founded the company! All the food is locally sourced, organic, and sustainable.  The best part, the packaging is recyclable, compostable and reusable- i actually sent all the packaging back immediately using a prepaid shipping label that came with the box! 

The first meal I made is below -- Chilaquiles, the ubiquitous Mexican favorite.  I added a little bit of chorizo because pork, and felt pretty damn good about allllla that.  Try it out for yourself! Click on this link and receive $20 off your first box.