It is healthy practice to challenge yourself in areas that you know you are weak, and I love the idea of a challenge whatever it may be. 

After my most recent weekend trip to Vegas, I looked in the mirror and really looked at myself.  I asked myself, “Do you look like a personal trainer?” My reflection said no, so my friend and I committed the next 30 days into shaving down body-fat.

I broke out the body fat calipars and did a 7 site baseline measurement on myself, right off the plane.  Decided to take photos too (Glad I did), so we could see our results.  

You can't outwork a bad diet.  I usually stay very active during the week, working out 4-5 times already,  so my diet is where I decided to focus and make a change.  I kept a 90/10 percent clean food diet over the next 30 days.  I ate balanced meals with no refined sugar/flour.  I drank 100 oz of water a day and complimented my meals with a daily multi vitamin.  Using, I also calculated my exact ratio of Macros (Carb/Protein/Fat) and incorporated that into what I ate.  I highly suggest downloading the app, its a great free tool to see a dialed in version of the food you're already eating. (My next post will be on Macros!)

On my 10% days (one day of the week), I lived an SF life with burritos and beers in the park.  On those days I really tried to offset my extra calories by staying active, so I hooped in the mornings or rode my bike around the city. 

The Results:

I lost a total of 2 pounds, from 193lbs to 191lbs..  That being said, I dropped 8.02 pounds of fat and added 6.02 pounds of lean mass.  Just hitting my goal at 9.47% Body Fat, SINGLE DIGITS.  The proof is in the pudding!